Special Needs Services

Tailored admissions support for students with learning disabilities and other individual needs
Ages: 3–17 / Private Schools, Public Schools, and Colleges
Tailored admissions support for students with learning disabilities and other individual needs.

Our insiders know where to look and how to get the support and programs that your child needs to succeed. Our experts help you choose the ideal educational environment, ensure the broadest rights to accessibility and extra support, and communicate your child’s requirements during the admissions and testing process.

Special Needs Services

  • Student Advocacy Services
    It takes advocacy to ensure the best placement for your child. Our experts observe your child at school, confer with teachers, and review school records and test results. They attend IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) meetings with you and school personnel to help explain and represent your needs and clarify your expectations for your child’s school experience. This includes documentation necessary to request extra time on in-school and standardized tests.
  • Assessment and Personal Inventory
    We’ll arm you with the know-how you need about your child’s needs and legal diagnosis. Our experts can administer personality and learning assessments so that you and your child can better understand the recommended learning supports. Assessments include CTOPP, IRI, WCJ-III, GORT, GSRT, TOWL, TEWL, RTI, and FBA, as well as curriculum-based assessments, student observations, and progress toward IEP goals and objectives.
  • School Choice
    The right school is the one that supports your child’s needs. Our insiders help you get started by talking through your options and finding the right schools to give your child the best educational experience.
  • Tutoring Services
    Our experts provide one-on-one academic support for your child. We’ll hand pick a tutor to come to your home and work on strengthening your child’s general skills and knowledge. You’ll get regular progress updates from the tutor and suggestions for additional enrichment activities to incorporate into your daily routine.
  • Pre-Testing Consultation
    Your child may be eligible for special considerations on testing day. Our insiders will make sure you know what to request from test administrators.
  • Essay & Application Optimization
    We’ll help your child refine his or her essays to come across as an ideal candidate who is well suited to each school’s unique character.
  • Post-Acceptance Consultation
    Once your child has secured a spot at school, our experts help you follow through and make sure your child receives the support and services needed. We’ll work with your child and the school representative to ease the transition to a new learning environment.
  • Interactive Metronome (IM) sessions
    A licensed IM practitioner will come to your home and work with your child (age 3 and up) for an hour-long session. The Interactive Metronome (IM) program has been widely recognized for improving attention and concentration, cognitive speed, executive functions, reading and math fluency and self-control of aggression/impulsivity. A full program consists of 12-15 sessions.


We’re here to provide the right help for your family’s situation. You can choose from a comprehensive package that leads you through the entire process, provides individual services to focus on specific areas, or connects you with our experts and insiders to plan a custom project. Rates vary depending on each expert’s background and experience. Contact us to review the backgrounds, availability and rates of our experts.

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120,000 seniors used educational consultants in 2009, more than double since 2004.