Career Development

advice on resumes, cover letters, interveiws and internships for college students or recent grads
Ages 17 and up/ Colleges & Universities, Internships & Career
Get expert advice on resumes, cover letters and internship applications while in college or for the recently graduated.

Finding the right words to express your skills and experience in a compelling resume and cover letter can be challenging and stressful. Get advice from expert from the field that you are seeking employment.


We help students and recent graduates with each element of the internship and job application process. Our services are customized for each student. Choose comprehensive packages to help you throughout the entire process or get help just where you need it.

  • Resume Review
    Have a professional review your resume and discuss ideal positioning and wording based on the field you are applying in.
  • Copy Letter Strategy
    Work with a counselor to create cover letters for specific postings or particular job opportunity types that will reflect your experience and interests in a compelling way.
  • Interview Coaching
    Work one-on-one with a trained interview coach to prepare answers to common questions and get feedback on your interview style. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you are prepared.
  • Life Coaching
    This service is perfect for recent graduates who want some direction and guidance on identifying or achieving future goals. Meet with a licensed life coach to discuss your ambitions and strengths and come up with an action plan.


We’re here to give you the right help for your family’s situation. You can choose from a comprehensive package that leads you through the entire process, provides individual services to focus on specific areas, or connects you with our experts and insiders to plan a custom project. Rates vary depending on your expert’s background and experience. Contact us to review the backgrounds, availability and rates of our experts.

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120,000 seniors used educational consultants in 2009, more than double since 2004.